Hey Recruits, we are headed to TooManyGames, A huge gaming convention in Oaks, PA happening on June 23rd - 25th. At our booth come play Beat the Machine: Rebooted, check out our cool merch and participate in a Tournament with fun prizes. See you there! -Logan

     Date Posted: May 7th, 2023     
Beat the Machine: Rebooted - Patch 1.33:
Hey Cadets, Logan here! We wanted to push one final patch before the end of the year! Beat the Machine: Rebooted had two major updates this year, with the first being the launch of Rebooted and the second launching the skill tree refinement. We are now in the process of doing our major launch for 2023, while we cant discuss too much, just know that the Tutorial and Story are being worked on as we speak. For this patch, we wanted to address some builds that aren't seeing a ton of play compared to others, with those being movement speed, armor...

     Date Posted: December 19, 2022     
Beat the Machine: Rebooted - Patch 1.25 - SKILL TREE REFINEMENT:
This is the Beat the Machine: Rebooted - Skill Tree Refinement Patch 1.25 It’s been a while since our last update and this is going to be one of our longest patch notes to date. A lot of stuff will be changing, but in addition to all of the changes, our long awaited GAUNTLET mode, is now available for play. The main focus on the skill tree refinement was to make skills stand out more and allow for more creative paths throughout gameplay of BTMR...

     Date Posted: November 21, 2022